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DNMF Album announcement

The DNMF debut album will be out September 11th on Moving Furniture Records.

Pillar Of Teeth

Time for a new release: a 7″ split LP with Italian sax & drums duo KURU. We’ve recorded the new (and super heavy) track Pillar Of Teeth especially for this!

The 7″ is released by Strom Records and Kohlhaas Records. Stream the entire split below or click here.

Our copies are on their way to the Netherlands. Will ship as soon as we get them!


Last Jazzhammer LPs

Hey there,

First of all happy 2014!
We played our first show of the year w/ Colin Webster at the Stubnitz in Hamburg and we couldn’t have wished for a better start of the year!

We also recorded a new full length with the three of us… more news on that soon.

And last but now least, we’re almost out of Jazzhammer 10″ LPs (nine copies left)!! Not sure if there ever will be a re-press so if you want one and you don’t have it yet, this is the time to act. Get it at our Bandcamp.


Jazzhammer album

Body Horror is out now

This update comes a tad later than it should as the tape was already released by the mighty Utech Records last week. AWESOME! Our batch of tapes sold out in no-time and we’re not sure if we’re going to get some more… however, you’ve got options!

First option: stream or download the whole thing from our bandcamp for free! We don’t believe in money.

Second option: very few copies left in the Utech Records webshop. It’s a bit more expensive, but this is probably the only option to get your hands on this tape. So only for the die-hard collectors!

Happy hunting!
Body Horror Cassette



Want to hear some cool news? Here goes!

Tomorrow we’ll be playing in Lille @ CCL with Les Yeux de la Tête and Maxime Petit (solo). Hope to see you guys there!

A couple of new show confirmed. One in Reims (France) together with Jucifer on the 3rd of November. One with our bros from Albatre, Cactus Truck, Donné et Desiree and the Dear Listeners in the Hall Of Fame (Tilburg) on the 8th of November.

Last but certainly not least. On the last day of our European tour (October 10) we will play at Gaffer Fest together with Colin Webster. This will be a really special gig as we’ll release our trio-album called ‘… and it ended badly’. Check the album art out down below.

Meat Shovel EP OUT NOW!


Our Meat Shovel EP is out NOW.

Get it on a great-looking cassette for only 5 bucks (shipping not included) or as a download. Just go to our Bandcamp page, you know how it works.

Enjoy your summer!
Dead Neanderthals


Meat Shovel EP – advance stream

Hey y’all!

You want to hear 18 minutes of body-horror-inspired harsh improvisation? You do?
Well, what are you waiting for? Head over to the Free Form, Free Jazz blog and stream the entire Meat Shovel EP there!
It’s new, it’s rancid and it smells bad…

This EP will be released on August 6th 2013, exactly 68 years after the Hiroshima bombing, and will be available on tape (for 5 bucks) or in digital form (pay what you want) from our Bandcamp.


DNMF debut gig


The DNMF show at the Valkhof Festival was really, really great. It wasn’t our most accessible work, so we are even more grateful that you all came to see the show. A big thank you from our side is the least we can do, so here goes: THANK YOU!

It seems the (Dutch) reviewers also liked it.

Sterk optreden van een bruut beest
3voor12 gelderland

Zo bouwt de set zich op naar een opwindend hoogtepunt. Na een lange aanloop dan toch nog scoren, heet dat
Fileunder written by Tbeest (he has a great blog!)

50% of the show was also filmed (thank you!!), check those clips out below:

DNMF Bernard BodtPhoto by Bernard Bodt

Download our entire dOeK / SOTU festival performance for free!

DOEK coverBecause yesterday’s set was quite the scorcher, we decided to upload it on our Soundcloud. The sound is quite lo-fi, but who gives a shit anyway?

Stream it, download it, share it, but most of all: enjoy!
Cheers and thanks to the kind people of dOeK, SOTU, The Lock, Cactus Truck and The Vondelbunker.

POLARIS Thank you list

Without you we couldn’t have done it, so we’d like to say thanks and hello to the following people:

All the fans, Keith & Utech Records, Lasse Marhaug, Marlon & the MrMunchkin Studio, Xavier & Suit and Tie Johns, Elio & DungeönHammer / Acid Stone, Max, Jay & Agoraphobic Nosebleed / Grindcore Karaoke, Blaise & Batshit Records, Mark / Bas / Jochem & Mannheim, all the Grindcore Karaoke bands, Thijmen Sietsma, Tom Roelofs, Jørgen & Shining, The Automatic Sam boys, Freek & Fruit of the Original Sin, Evelyn, Elza, Robert / Jonatan & Doornroosje, Pierre & Braindead ‘zine, Colin Webster, the guys in Staer, Aafke Romeijn, Maxime & Louis Minus Seize, Tom / Jussi & Gum Takes Tooth, Hai & Next Life, Kees & Landbouwbelang, Jorick / JP & Señor Hernandez / Burning World Records, Alex / Kez & Grind to Death ‘zine, Santi / Hector & Nashgul, Jim & The Bruton Castle, Kjetil & Clifford Torus / Dridmachine / Noxagt, Gabri / Coen & Narrominded, the Albatre guys, Donné / Steven & DONNé ET DESIRéE, Martin / Robert & The Dear Listeners, the mighty Cactus Truck, Noël & Gruesome Stuff Relish / Broken Gravestones / Altar of Giallo, Nick & Many Arms, Brian vd Pol, Machinefabriek, Edwin & 3VOOR12-Gelderland, Jeroen & Spoelstra, Peter & Distel, the amazing The Netherlands, Teo & Solomacello festival, Frank & Gaffer / Kanine / LOUP, Wim & Cinépalace, the Incubate people, Hein, Will Guthrie, Anders / Morten & MoHa!, Johan & Zomerparkfeest, Neptune, Koen, Drum Eyes, Child Abuse, SOTU festival, Wout & Shaking Godspeed, Sam & AUC Bookings, Susi & Don Vito, Scoot & Doom / Vallenfyre, Herman / Jolijn & Extrapool, Staddijk, our brothers in Sunflare, Sascha & Vrooom, Luca & Mombu, Didier & De Onderbroek.

Sorry if we missed you, we didn’t do it on purpose and we love you anyway!
Broken link? Please tell us!

deadneanderthals_Photocredits_Tom-Roelofs_20130322233515-_MG_2062Photo of the POLARIS release show by Tom Roelofs