Review hell

Oooh, a really long blog-post this time, so it seems! Four different reviews, written by four reviewers for four websites or blogs but all are describing our Doornroosje show of wednesday (November 9, 2011).

First of all, it’s good to see that all these people took the time to write something about us. Unfortunately, most of these reviews are quite ‘descriptive’. Writing something about a show by simply noting some facts is not really reviewing, is it? The answer to the question “did they play a nice show?” is not “they have a drummer”. We made a video for people that are really into bare facts. It would be cool if reviewers had the balls to be honest and simply write that they didn’t like our music. We’re still waiting for one of them to say they really hated it instead of swallowing their dislike and turning to descriptions. The only reviewer that made the effort to write more than simple facts is Tbeest: he (or she!) describes the reaction of the crowd, his (her) own feeling about the gig and he (she) even compares it to a previous gig we did! Awesome!

All we can say about the show is that it was one of the best ones we have played so far! We can assure you that everything you heard was EXACTLY how it should sound (including the heavy feedback) and we played better than ever.

Down below are some translations of the reviews, followed by a supercool video made by Tbeest, so you can judge for yourself.


The good
Dead Neanderthals never needs much time to make its statement. These two guys on drums and sax bash out their set (with many songs off the V-Shaped Position album) in just a quarter of an hour. The band produces about as much sound as a jet fighter with engine problems and provides the same kind of excitement as the extreme metal of bands like Cannibal Corpse and Napalm Death (minus the guitars). Extremely short and raging tracks; you can feel the crowd standing there with their eyebrows halfway up their foreheads. The heavily feedbacking sax is transformed into a monstrous machine of heavy metal. It all seems impossible to grasp, giving it a similar feel to Shining (which also uses sax regularly). I saw these two dead neanderthals previously perform at de-Affaire festival, and wrote that it’s hardcore porn for your ears. Tonight it’s no different of course but it’s too bad the crowd is not as ecstatic as it was then. You can say that with only drums and sax and a hard to follow sound, it’s kind of difficult to digest and might even seem like a gimmick, but I find it really enjoyable. Pure, raw energy, as may be expected from neanderthals.
Translation of the text of Tbeest

The somewhat good
Dead Neanderthals was the support for the evening. A Dutch duo that brings their music with a saxophone and drums. The music they make has its links with what Shining does. Typical tracks by this band start off at one level and quickly move over to something with more rage, more tempo or more intensity as long as it is more. As soon as the climax is there, it’s all over. This sometimes results in short songs but give the band some space to show diversity. After all, their set was only 15 minutes . An interesting warm-up for Shining, but maybe a little too short to really get into them.
Sabine van Gameren for

The bad
Dead Neanderthals is already known in the Nijmegen area since they played at a ‘club 3VOOR12/Arnhem-Nijmegen’ previously. These neanderthals are known for their 15 minute-shows, which is for the better, cause if it would last longer it would get less interesting. The chaotic saxophone creates a recognizable sound and is complemented with some thundering drums. These two instruments combined create an original sound and rage on for about 15 minutes. However, it still misses the punch to knock you out instantly. Harsh feedback gives the monotony an extra edge.
Translation of the text of Sebastian Bevers for 3voor12/Arnhem-Nijmegen

The ugly
The opener of tonight is the Dutch band Dead Neanderthals. With their grindcore drums, feedback and saxophone they play a show of only 15 minutes! Fortunately, this isn’t a big problem, ’cause they’re repeating the same trick over and over again. Drum rolls that increase in speed mixed with feedback and the sound of a saxophone. It might sound nice on paper, but the execution was mediocre.
Translation of the text of Maurice van der Heijden for livexs


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  1. Thanks! And the beest is a he 😉

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