Review of our Patronaat show w/ Shining (No)

Metalrage wrote a review of our show in Patronaat 2 weeks ago. We’re glad to see they liked it!

The support on Shining’s Dutch dates were taken care of by Dead Neanderthals from Nijmegen. I had seen this duo (consisting of a drummer and a baritone saxophone player) before and therefore knew what was coming, but I presume most of the crowd did not. Yet it did not take long before they did, because these lads were done in less than 15 minutes. The first couple of songs were short but not too extreme with different drumfills with some sax stuff above it. But then the eight fierce background lights set the drummer on fire and from that moment all of the songs were clocking in at less than a minute, only consisting of powerful blastbeats and again the saxophones solo’s on top of it. Total madness, that as said not everyone was expecting but gained some applause nonetheless

We always like to include pictures, but we didn’t have any of our Patronaat show! Therefore we added this cool pic of our Maastricht show taken by Mike Kramer and nicked by us from one of his online profiles. Thanks!

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