Braindead Webzine review

Pierre of the infamous Braindead Webzine wrote an in-depth review of our 2 Grindcore Karaoke releases! Read his review here, or down below! Thanks!

Dead Neanderthals is playing a kind of whacked out free-jazz gone grind, it’s a two-piece drum & sax formation with no vocals or other artifices… Coincidentally I was just watching Lost Highway again before sitting down to write this review, which put me in the right state of mind… Schizo saxophone-playing Bill Pullman could easily be a member of this band!
As a John Zorn fan I’m really appreciating this. Most grindcore bands have tried to emulate Napalm Death for years and years but to me Naked City’s Torture Garden has always been up there with “From Enslavement to Obliteration” among grind milestones an example very few bands has seemed to follow, only Le Scrawl comes to mind as another avant garde kind of grind band. Dead Neanderthals is maybe sounding closer to Painkiller (another one of Zorn’s project with Mick Harris on the drums) though on account of the lack of vocal and guitar anchors. Personally I wouldn’t even describe Dead Neanderthals (or Painkiller) as grindcore, perhaps noisecore would be more fitting. But I guess the drumming in Dead Neanderthals has real focus and rhythm to it and song structures actually stay pretty streamlined overall. All the songs are short and sweet too.
I wouldn’t say blastbeats are the primary focus on there either but they are a definitey a part of the proceedings. Anyway this stuff definitely comes across as bluntly percussive and the saxophone section is sounding extremely abrasive and explosive. Pretty insane sounding overall, I still feel like it has the potential to get even more intense. The simple sax/drum mix can seem a little bare at times, personally I would be tempted to add vocals, guitars or a bass but I guess it would take away from Dead Neanderthals unique sound.
There seems to be two layers of saxophone tracks in there though, with one serving as a bass line and the other bursting into wild leads… Actually I’m not sure how that all works out in live situation?!
Anyway, the initial release “The Saw” only contains 3 tracks… Then the first “full length” lasts only 11 minutes. I think there is another full length release available and the band is working on a third one. has so much stuff currently available for download, it’s difficult to just pick one among the bulk, so hopefully this review can be uselful for some to get an idea of the band… I’m definitely looking forward to what will be coming next. My favorite track on there is probably Cannibal Ambush solely for the use of the opening scream from City of the Living Dead (being a Fulciphile is an affliction impossible to cure) and a sax riff that would seem the perfect soundtrack to an early John Waters movie starring Divine! I also really dig the “Metal Totem” remix song which adds some catchy repetitiveness to the band’s crazy music.

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