S/T Reviews

Dead Neanderthals cover

“Dead Neanderthals tear through 10 tracks in as many minutes, rattling your skull harder and harder each time through and giving you no time to collect yourself”
Auxilliary Out Blog

“If you’re a fan of chaotic noiserock, definitely check this one out, as it can warrants many future spins”
Holidays Blog

“Het is niet te bevatten hoe de twee erin slagen met deze beperkte middelen te rocken, ons murw te blazen en te laten genieten tegelijkertijd”
Gonzo Circus

“Dead Neanderthals ramt, freakt en giert iedere indie-band de bocht uit met een verzameling freakrock waar de achteloze luisteraar al rap van in de war raakt”

“Deze ondode primitievelingen blazen je weg met hun debuut”
Roar E-zine

“The fact that this band can pull off the fusion of these two instruments so smoothly is an accomplishment on its own”

“As a John Zorn fan I’m really appreciating this”
Braindead Webzine

Download the album for free here or here.
Buy the 7″ version of the record through Bat Shit Records.


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