Good news and bad news…

Let’s start with the bad news. Our show with Death Grips has officially been cancelled because they wanted to finish recording their new album first. No surprise that we’re really dissapointed about this. Let’s hope we can do this show in the future then…

The good news: another classy review on our latest album Jazzhammer / Stormannsgalskap popped up! This time on the Spiral Shadow blog. Short but sweet!

“It sounds different from anything you heard of dutch Sax-Grinders DEAD NEANDERTHALS so far. No more short harsh eruptions- just two monolithic tracks, each almost 10 minutes long.

JAZZHAMMER is one unholy matrimony of highspeed drums and a droning sax, STORMANNSGALSKAP a weird battle of a nervous beat pattern and multilayered sax screams.

Somehow disturbing at first listen it gets more and more absorbing and mind blowing the further you go in for it.


That’s it for now, see you on SOTU festival this weekend! Here’s the timetable:

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