Hey there!

Let’s bash through a bunch of updates:

We again apologize for cutting our Euro-tour short. We will make this up to you soon! We did play the Solomacello fest in Milan and it was really great. We thank Teo again for the invitation and the hospitality and all the people who came out to see us play. THANKS!

New gigs have been added to our gig list. We are even going to play in Belgium together with Gnod and in the UK together with the brilliant Aafke Romeijn. Even more gigs are in the making so make sure you check our gig-list regularly.

Speaking about Aafke Romeijn, her upcoming EP will be released on our label and will be available from the 1st of August.

The friendly people of the Incubate festival wrote a really nice piece on the Nijmegen music ‘scene’. We were pleasantly surprised to see we got mentioned in the article alongside cool bands such as Automatic Sam, Shaking Godspeed, and OIIO. More news on the Nijmegen Scene Report SOON!

Last, but certainly not least, we have recorded a brand new track especially for the MP3voor12 Gelderland Vierdaagse compilation! Download the entire compilation here, or just listen to our track in the soundcloud player below. Enjoy!

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