Dead Stella tour report

Howdy folks!

This morning we came back from our tour with Aafke Romeijn and it was brilliant. Time for some fun facts!

Places we’ve played: Power Lunches, London; Mello Mello, Liverpool; The Bruton Castle, Bruton; Ye Old Farmhouse, Bath.
Number of kilometers driven: 2000.
Music listened while driving: Turbonegro, Danko Jones, Britney Spears, Mr Bungle, Backstreet Boys, loads of death metal and some more Turbonegro.
Best moments: Having fun all the time. Arriving in London at Power Lunches and meeting all our friends over there. Hanging out with the entire audience at The Bruton Castle in Bruton and seeing them sing along to Aafke’s music.
Longest queue: In front of the UK border. Just 5 cars, but it took 2.5 hours. Apparently our car was radio active.
Best rock & roll moment: Getting pulled off the stage in Bath after just six minutes. The show was too loud… FYI: it was an acoustic show(!!)
Average amount of sleep per person per night: 4 Hours.
THANK YOU: Colin Webster & Marc Holub, everybody at Power Lunches, Tom and Jussi of Gum Takes Tooth, all at Mello Mello, Adam, Dead Hedge Trio, Jim & The Bruton Castle, Kez and all his friends, all the people that came out to see us!
Bad good bye picture:
pic by Otto’s camera

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