Reviews and gig

Hey there,

although we’re currently busy with the upcoming record, people are still enjoying the first albums. Great! You can find a cool review of our first full length on UK blog Lines In Wax. We also got some attention from the Brazilian blog Free Form, Free Jazz. You can read all about it here, but be careful: it’s all in Portugese!
Furthermore, next week (December 1st) we’re doing a special gig especially for our friends from far-far away. We’ll be playing in front of a webcam and you can stream the whole thing. To make it even better, we’ll do this in the MrMunchkin Sound Studio, which is the studio where we recorded Jazzhammer / Stormannsgalskap exactly one year ago. We’ll let you know the time later.

More things in the works, more on that soon.

Enjoy your weekend!
Dead Neanderthals

Photo by Thijmen Sietsma


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