Thank you!

Dear friends,

2012 Has been an amazing year for us. We played almost 30 shows, some of them abroad, some of them with bands we’ve always wanted to play with (NAPALM DEATH… TWICE!!!), some of them in a packed venue, some of them in an empty venue, but all of them worth our while. We’ve met many friendly people, helping us to set up a show, giving us food or sharing their home and providing us with a roof over our heads. We released our album Jazzhammer / Stormannsgalskap and much to our surprise, most of you liked it a lot. Some of you even mentioned it in your end-of-the-year lists (here, here, here, here and here)! So a big THANK YOU is in order, we think!

Just a tip of the iceberg for 2013: our new album will be out in March on Utech Records, the first gigs are already planned and we are currently finishing two (!!) brand new albums that have been born from fruitful collaborations with other amazing artists. So it’s safe to say that these neanderthals are far from dead.

Adios and see you in 2013!
Dead Neanderthals

DN light foto…are enlightened

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