Press Kit

Dutch sax/drums duo Dead Neanderthals continues their cosmic quest to conquer the solar system. Their true goal lies far beyond.

Dead Neanderthals incorporates elements of noise, free jazz, metal and minimal music in their sound and released albums on Utech Records, Gaffer Records, Relative Pitch Records and Grindcore Karaoke.

Dead Neanderthals did shows with Shining (No), Napalm Death, Staer, MoHa!, Gum Takes Tooth, Jucifer and Orthodox just to name a few, and played festivals like Incubate, Le Guess Who?, Roadburn, Solomacello, Gaffer Fest, Utech Records Music Festival and many more.

Some ego-stroking quotes

“It’s UFO Jazz”
The Needle Drop about our album Ascend To Nothing (2016)
More reviews here.

“Worship The Sun is one of the most engaging and satisfying duo albums I’ve heard in ages”
The Free Jazz Blog about our album Worship The Sun (2015)
More reviews here.

“a wake-up call to anyone who thought free jazz was a dying art”
Something Else! about our album Prime (2014)
More reviews here.

“If you’re into heavy duos, this is unmissable”
Pitchfork about our split 7″ with Kuru (2014)
More reviews here.

Interviews on Pitchfork and The Quietus.

Promo Pics (Click to enlarge)
Dead Neanderthals Promo 2013 Thijmen SietsmaPhoto of the core duo by Thijmen Sietsma

Dead Neanderthals Photo Credit James Welburn.jpgPhoto of the trio (including Colin Webster) by James Welburn

Dead Neanderthals-Midi-20150917-Herman StehouwerPhoto of the trio (including Sten Ove Toft) by Herman Stehouwer

dead-neanderthals-craters-bandphoto-1Photo of the trio (including Maxime Petit) by Dead Neanderthals

Tech rider hard set
DN tech rider HARD 2017

Tech rider acoustic improv set
DN tech rider acoustic improv set 2017

Tech rider trio w/ Colin Webster
DN tech rider trio w/ Colin Webster 2017

Tech rider trio w/ TOFT
DN tech rider trio w/ TOFT 2017

Tech rider Fantoom
FANTOOM tech rider 2017

Tech rider Krishna
KRISHNA tech rider 2017


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