POLARIS reviews


“[on] the incredible Polaris (Utech) […] they fully embraced free jazz, transmuting their grindcore traits into the ‘fire music’ of Rashied Ali, Coltrane, Ayler et al”
top album of 2013 according to Thumped

“It’s refreshing, certainly, and it’s a solid sax/drums duo record created by a well-bonded pair”
The Inarguable

“Dead Neanderthals is jazz strapped to a chainsaw. No, strapped to TWO chainsaws. Two chainsaws POWERED BY DEAD HIPSTERS”

“…[A] scatterbrained yet strangely spellbinding monster of an album”
Spiral Shadow Blog

“On se rend bien compte au terme de l’écoute, alors qu’il est impossible de résumer ce par quoi le duo nous a fait passer – de pics en abysses et de mornes plaines en chemins de traverse alambiqués – que leur folie est sans doute juste un tout petit peu plus maîtrisée mais encore bien présente”
Des Cendres A La Cave Blog

” there’s no doubt that this is the duo’s most confident, spacious offering to date. Highly recommended!”

“… een buitengewoon prachtige freejazzplaat met een waanzinnige energie en intensiteit”

“Dead Neanderthals is dan misschien een vreemde eend in de bijt in de Nederlandse muziekscène, maar met het technisch knappe Polaris overdonderen ze gewoon opnieuw”

“Zolang het dit soort spul oplevert valt er niks te klagen. Go, Dead Neanderthals, go!”
Enola Magazine

“Het parcours van het Nederlandse (Nijmegen) duo Dead Neanderthals is niet alleen grillig, het is tevens uitermate interessant en boeiend”
Gonzo (circus) #115

“Only just about under a half-hour in length, but that’s fine, cuz Dead Neanderthals give it their all for the duration, ripping it up here like the sax/drums equivalent of Slayer’s Reign In Blood (RIP Jeff Hanneman btw)”
Aquarius Records

“It’s just a drum kit and a tenor saxophone, but together they channel the energy of the most intense free jazz partnerships through the prism of the heavy stuff”
Burning Ambulance #6

“The chaotic expression from these fellas captures two people who can really communicate via their instruments and create a swirl of madness”
KFJC 89.7 FM

“Sous effervescence et sur le fil du rasoir, le duo se montre ainsi capable d’un jazz in opposition sinon insolite, en tout cas fort alerte”
Le Son Du Grisli

“A confezionare questa chicca per tutti gli amanti delle cagnare sax/drum”
The New Noise

“there is praise to be served because this duo may blur the lines [between metal and jazz] … [while] trying to keep a listener’s attention for more than short intervals of time”
Don’t Count On It Reviews

POLARIS is out NOW on Utech Records!
Download the album for 5 bucks on our Bandcamp.
The CD version of the record can also be bought right here.


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