Update time

Damn, so many things are happening at this moment that we can only barely keep up! Super busy gearing up for our upcoming album release. Here’s a small overview.

First: the track PLISSKEN from our upcoming album POLARIS was posted yesterday on supercool UK music blog The Quietus. It also got featured in the Incubate Week Blowout playlist this week, you can find that one right here. Damn cool if you ask us! Find the track by clicking the aforementioned links or just stream it below.

Second: the album will be released by Utech Records next month (March 23), and we’re planning two really cool release shows for it on friday March 22. One in the afternoon in a really special place (more on that soon) and another one in the evening in Extrapool together with our brothers from LOUP (all the way from Lyon, France) and probably another act (soon to be confirmed)! We’re also working on a ton of other shows. We can’t give you all the details yet, but we’re sure you are going to like it. Keep an eye on our ‘shows-section’ on the right.

Third: another great review popped up online. It’s in French, but we’re pretty sure they liked what they heard! Please find all the details in the POLARIS review section.

Okay that’s it for now, check us out on Twitter and Facebook for more frequent updates.

Enjoy your weekends!
Dead Neanderthals

deadneanderthals_incubate_20120910 (2)Photo by Sas Schilten

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