DNMF reviews


“the most interesting things out in NL this year were the collaborations; DNMF top of the pile by a mile “
#8 album of 2014 according to Incendiary magazine

“Now we know what the inside of David Lynch’s mind must sound like”

“I’m rather appreciating the slight nod to Shining’s Black Jazz album that DNMF displays”
Arctic Drones

“Een gooi naar het goddelijke”
Gonzo (circus) #123

“They reanimate Albert Ayler as a man-machine crackling with electricity, sparks flying from his beard as he howls at the moon”
Include Me Out

“even verrassend als indrukwekkend”

“a perplexing mixture of ambience, noise, rock and jazz”
Norman Records

“Perhaps this is what would happen if Lightning Bolt were drugged and sent to blow up the sun”

“Ware pioniers”

“Dronend, dreigend, lawaaierig, diep, onheilspellend, verslavend”
De Subjectivisten

“The two tracks here are both keenly staged and ruthlessly spontaneous, the sound of two artists finding imaginative and thrilling new ways to disturb the musical continuum in which they operate”

“It wouldn’t sound out of place in a mix with the likes of Basic House or Container”

“this LP puts The Netherlands – which is quite a poor country when it comes to monumentally grotesque musical works – single-handedly back on the avant-garde world map”
Vital Weekly

“zatím nejúspěšnější pokus o převedení atmosféry příběhů providenského fantasty do hudební podoby”
His Voice

“dit is chemie op het hoogste niveau”

“it’s […] incredibly original and refreshing to hear a collaboration between artists that are willing to push the boundaries”
Anhedonic Headphones

“This is one of those records that probably won’t get the attention it really deserves; still, it has the potential to become a cult album”
The Sleeping Shaman

“DNMF wirkt nicht wie ein imaginärer Soundtrack, sondern wie ein Film, der mehrere Sinne gleichzeitig stimuliert”
Skug magazin

DNMF is OUT NOW on Moving Furniture Records.
Buy the album on our Bandcamp.


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