Prime reviews


“a relentless onslaught of thunder and scorch”
One of the top jazz albums of 2014 according to The Quietus

The #7 album of 2014 according to the Free Form, Free Jazz blog

“This collective has found their bravery, found their voice, and they unabashedly let it ring throughout Prime”
One of the top jazz albums of 2014 according to The Esoterrorist

The #12 album of 2014 according to the Des Cendres A La Cave blog

“a wake-up call to anyone who thought free jazz was a dying art”
Something Else!

“the most pummeling 40 minutes of music in 2014”
The Needle Drop

“Fans of Merzbow, Painkiller, heavy drones, and saxophone madness will find plenty to like here”
Avant Music News

“There’s that same spiritual connection that Ali, Coltrane, Ayler et al expressed more than four decades ago with their fiery tempestuousness of the heart and soul”

“De overtreffende trap van Coltrane’s Ascension”
De Subjectivisten

“the key that opens the door to a revealing incursion into your own sentience”
Touching Extremes

“forty minutes of uninterrupted excitement”
The Free Jazz Blog

“Prime is a dense and streamlined thing, a jazz-grind bullet train of a record. Webster, Aquarius and Kokke, for all their unchained power, all seem to be pulling in the same direction. And we’re caught in the slipstream, swept along in the adrenaline rush”
Louder Than War

“Een veertig minuten durende allesvernietigende tour de force”
Roar E-Zine

“Overweldigend tot op het bot”

“Nettement ça cherche – ça va taper en plein dedans, direct et sans manière ; sans nom à psalmodier, aussi, sans divinité – l’illumination”
Guts Of Darkness

“Dit is een van de meest fysieke kopstoten van de voorbije jaren, een oerkreet die verwachtingen en conventies aan gruzelementen schopt. Veertig minuten lang”

“Een partijtje verwoestende free jazz […] waarbij alle concurentie verbleekt”
Gonzo (circus) #124

“Fusing the textural and tonal freedom of jazz and noise with the linear attack of metal, Prime is an absolute blast”
The Quietus

“Prime is never boring. It will rain down on you. It will intoxicate you. It will traumatise you, pummel you, devastate you, destroy you. Once heard, it will never be forgotten, and heavy music will never seem the same”
Cyclic Defrost

“avec Prime le trio découvre la fulgurance et la transcendance. Et la beauté cachée, juste derrière toute cette débauche de puissance et toute cette fureur”
Ferte & Fracas

Prime is OUT NOW on Gaffer Records.
Buy the album on our Bandcamp.


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