Prime pre order starts today!

Get ready to be crushed by the enormous beast called Prime: a single 40-minute piece, with no solos or soothing interludes. The album features London-based sax player Colin Webster again and will be released October 10 by the awesome Gaffer Records.

The pre-order for the 12″ vinyl is up now. Listen to the preview down below or visit the pre-order page to grab your copy.

This is what the press has to say about the album so far

“a wake-up call to anyone who thought free jazz was a dying art”
Something Else!

“Fans of Merzbow, Painkiller, heavy drones, and saxophone madness will find plenty to like here”
Avant Music News

“De overtreffende trap van Coltrane’s Ascension”
De Subjectivisten

“the key that opens the door to a revealing incursion into your own sentience”
Touching Extremes



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