Dietary Restrictions reviews

Front Cover DN-NM

“Dead Neanderthals and Nick Millevoi’s Dietary Restrictions is one to start your heart — to un-relax, un-settle and un-fetter. Does it hit the spot? Did I enjoy it? Oh, yes to both”
Something Else!

“The trio does not generate typical dinner party chatter: the reed whines and honks; the crash ride spits buckshot and shrapnel; the guitar jitters and gnashes”
Tiny Mix Tapes

“Another vision of the jazz apocalypse”
We Need No Swords

“this trio locks in so hard it’s tough to get a breath in, and as the momentum builds and builds, their combined might coheres into a solid brick. When it smacks you in the face, it’s going to hurt; accept that now and you might just make it all the way through”
Consequence Of Sound

“30 minutes of grand intensity”
Gapplegate Guitar and Bass Blog

“Een even lompe als efficiënte muilpeer”

Dietary Restrictions is OUT NOW on Obsedante!.
Buy the album on our Bandcamp.


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