Utech family benefit compilation album

Keith Utech is a great guy. He’s super friendly, down to earth and runs Utech Records for over 10 years, thereby offering a platform to experimental bands from all over the world.

Some of you might know that his wife, Kim Utech, lost her battle against cancer on July 1st 2015, less than 3 weeks after we last saw her. We had the privilege to meet Kim twice and were deeply touched by her kindness and positivity.

Shortly after Kim’s passing, artists, musicians, music critics, and other friends and supporters of Keith Utech and Utech Records felt the need to combine their efforts to create something to benefit Keith and his children. This resulted in the 41 track, 4 1/2 hour long compilation And Suddenly Everything, Absolutely Everything, Was There. The compilation features mostly exclusive, live, and unreleased tracks. We’ve recorded the exclusive track Ouroboros for this amazing compilation.

100% of the proceeds (after Bandcamp and PayPal take their cuts) will be donated to the Utech Family Fund to assist Keith with living expenses while he takes time off to be with their children and to help with the expenses incurred while Kim was receiving treatment.

Utech Family Benefit Compilation - And Suddenly Everything, Absolutely Everything, Was There - cover

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