Worship The Sun reviews

Worship The Sun - Cover

“Worship The Sun is one of the most engaging and satisfying duo albums I’ve heard in ages”
The Free Jazz Blog

“an absolute blast”
The Quietus

“A lesson in genial, improvisational mayhem”
Something Else! Reviews

“Meedogenloos, maar dan op een voor Dead Neanderthals ongekend subtiele wijze. Prachtig”

“extreem maar prachtig”
The #4 album of 2015 according to Opduvel

“This is one of the most intense and focused duo excursions I’ve heard. Brutal yet tight and consistently fascinating throughout”
Downtown Music Gallery

“Taman da nam odgovore kako bi to Coltrane zvučao da je bio panker”
The #19 jazz album of 2015 according to Pot lista

“this ‘un might restore some faith you’ve lost in humanity, or jazz, or something like that”
Blog To Comm

“Everything goes on and on like a maelstrom of the unconscious”
Vital Weekly

“O duo holandês Dead Neanderthals tem construído uma das mais explosivas discografias na seara da improvisação livre”
FreeForm, FreeJazz

“Dead Neanderthals toont voorlopig nog geen spoor van matiging. Het blijft alles of niks. Fijn dat dit nu ook aan bod kan komen bij een van de boeiendste labels voor geïmproviseerde muziek van het moment”

“probably as close as Dead Neanderthals have come to accurately capturing on record the improvisational nature at the heart of their performance style”

“‘Worship The Sun’ is in al zijn onstuimigheid een dijk van een plaat”

“an agonising exercise in cathartic chastity”

Worship The Sun is OUT NOW on Relative Pitch Records.
Buy the album on our Bandcamp.


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