Smelter reviews

“Another absolute teeth-rattler from Machinefabriek and Dead Neanderthals”
The Quietus

“Both Dead Neanderthals and (especially) Rutger Zuydervelt have quite overwhelmingly voluminous discographies, but I feel quite comfortable in stating that Smelter is one of the most singular and striking works that either have ever produced”

“‘Smelter’ is een luistertrip waarin overweldigende kracht en verstilde pracht een even onuitwisbare indruk maken”

“een bij de strot grijpend geheel […] waar ze op fabuleuze wijze een soort apocalyptische symfonie hebben gecreëerd”
De Subjectivisten

“the music takes us by the hairs. As if it’s the horned one itself pulling us into the ground”
Yeah I Know It Sucks

“Harmonically wailing waves become a strained spectacle upon the canvas of dissonant background radiation”
Vital Weekly

“Adventuring into new territory can be terrifying and is a great source of dread for many, but the hypnotic, glacial sounds of DNMF’s newest effort sings praises for testing one’s own creative boundaries”
Invisible Oranges

Buy Smelter now through our Bandcamp.


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