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POLARIS almost sold out

Pretty damn awesome news from Utech Records: they sold their last copy of our POLARIS album yesterday!

We’ve only got 3 copies left. Interested in getting one of these last copies? Just go to our Bandcamp for a stream/download/CD.

Thanks for all the support!!


Dietary Restrictions reviews

Front Cover DN-NM

“Dead Neanderthals and Nick Millevoi’s Dietary Restrictions is one to start your heart — to un-relax, un-settle and un-fetter. Does it hit the spot? Did I enjoy it? Oh, yes to both”
Something Else!

“The trio does not generate typical dinner party chatter: the reed whines and honks; the crash ride spits buckshot and shrapnel; the guitar jitters and gnashes”
Tiny Mix Tapes

“this trio locks in so hard it’s tough to get a breath in, and as the momentum builds and builds, their combined might coheres into a solid brick. When it smacks you in the face, it’s going to hurt; accept that now and you might just make it all the way through”
Consequence Of Sound

Dietary Restrictions is OUT NOW on Obsedante!.
Buy the album on our Bandcamp.

End of tour + merch update

End of the tour
This is how you feel after driving 6000 km in 7 days…

Wow, what a trip!
It’s been great to hit the road with Orthodox in Spain and Portugal last week. We’d like to thank all the promoters, fans, photographers and collaborators for all the support. It has been a fantastic experience for all of us. Hope to see you again soon!!

We sold quite a bit of merch on tour (THANK YOU FOR THAT!!!!) and some of our releases are now (almost) sold out. I’ve made a little overview below in case you’re thinking of adding stuff to your collection.
* Dietary Restrictions tape (live collab w/ Nick Millevoi) – SOLD OUT, still some copies available at the label
* Random Acts Of Nuclear Devastation CDr – SOLD OUT
* Prime LP – 16 Black copies left, white copies all sold out! Gaffer Records also has some copies left, but not much.
* POLARIS CD – Last 3 copies before it’s sold out. Utech Records has only 2 copies left…
* Shirts – we only have one shirt left, size S. Check out the design here and get in touch if you want to have it.

As always, we’re working as hard as we can on new albums, collaborations and EPs. New shirts are also coming soon as well as new gigs and new records on our label Norwegianism Records. We really wish a day had more than 24 hours.

See you in the pit!
Dead Neanderthals

Dietary Restrictions cassette tape

Hi there,

Loads of new stuff going on, so let’s get to it!

First of all: Dietary Restrictions, our collaboration with the mighty Nick Millevoi, is out NOW! It’s released by the Czech-based label Obsedante! and is limited to 100 cassettes. We received only a fist-full of copies and most of them are gone already, so act fast! Check out our Bandcamp for more details or stream the entire album below.

The Random Acts of Nuclear Devastation-release we put out in December did really well! We only have 2 copies left, so the first two people to order anything from our Bandcamp will receive these last two copies.

Cheers and thanks for the ongoing support,
Dead Neanderthals

DN NM Tape

FREE release!


A free release to ruin a perfectly good Christmas. Random Acts of Nuclear Devastation is a recording of the show we did on the 4th of December 2014 at Brebl in our hometown Nijmegen. Pretty lo-fi, but that’s how we like it.

The amazing album cover was done by the upcoming graphic artist Trashworks. The CD is not for sale, but will ship out with every order until all 50 of them are gone. So whether you buy the upcoming Dietary Restrictions tape or you decide to grab one of our previous releases (down to the last copies of Prime, POLARIS, Jazzhammer/Stormannsgalskap and the split 7″ with KURU): you will get this CD as a FREE bonus. Not bad!

Not buying anything? No worries! This release is also available as a free download. Just check our Bandcamp or stream it below.

Happy holidays,
Dead Neanderthals

Dead Neanderthals - Random Acts of Nuclear Devastation cover

Dead Neanderthals / Nick Millevoi collaboration out next week!

Hey guys!

It’s been a while since you heard from us. Sorry about that. We were super busy touring, recording, mixing and what not, so please be patient. More cool stuff is peeking just around the corner.

Okay, now that’s out of the way: do you remember we did a tour with the amazing Nick Millevoi last year? Well, we also recorded a live show at N.K. in Berlin together! And now the Czech label Obsedante! is going to release it on cassette. We met Martin, who’s running the label, last year in the Czech Republic and we think it’s amazing he’s doing this. The album is called ‘Dietary Restrictions’ and will be out next week! A nice little Christmas present, don’t you think?

the deads

Front Cover DN-NM

Prime is out now


Prime is out now on Gaffer Records.

Thanks for all the pre-orders! We shipped all your items and you should find them on your doorstep pretty soon.

You can still buy Prime directly from our bandcamp but you can also drop by Señor Hernandez (Nijmegen) or Consouling Store (Ghent).

click here to stream the entire album or just press play below.