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Split w/ Sly And The Family Drone reviews


“Highly recommended split”
Merchants Of Air

“Kokke en Webster blazen zich een beroerte, terwijl Aquarius de boel samen houdt”
Gonzo (circus) #135

The split 7″ w/ Sly And The Family Drone is OUT NOW on God Unknown Records.
Buy the album on our Bandcamp.

2015, you’re simply the best

DN overzicht 2015After finishing the last show of 2015 w/ GALG at the Onderbroek we realized how exceptionally good 2015 was for us.

What could possibly top a Spanish/Portuguese tour with our buddies from Orthodox as a start of the year? If that wasn’t enough, we just did it again in the UK in September. It was a blast to tour with these guys and you should definitely pick up their new album. 100% KILLER!

Another highlight was to team up with Sten Ove Toft for a limited 7″ lathe cut for the always brilliant Utech Records. Fortunately for us, this also led to two really great shows: one at UTECH RECORDS MUSIC FESTIVAL III all the way in Milwaukee. The other was a bit closer to home, namely the excellent INCUBATE FESTIVAL.

And now we’re touching the topic of collaboration: Sten wasn’t the only one we’ve had the pleasure of working with. What to think of the live set we did with experimental doom-techno guru DRVG CVLTVRE at the Valkhof Festival this year (see video below)?

Or Belgian guitar-wizard DIRK SERRIES, who appeared on two records alongside us this year: SLUIMER (also with Martina Verhoeven on bass) and ENDLESS VOIDS (also with Rutger Zuydervelt, Colin Webster, Peter Johan Nyland, Thomas Ekelund and Steven Vinkenoog).

In some cases, the collaboration was about something bigger than just the music we play. Like with the New Wave of Dutch Heavy Jazz compilation, which hopefully showed what can happen when 4 like-minded bands are working together. Or the And Suddenly Everything, Absolutely Everything, Was There compilation that was put together by Chris Elmore to financially support the Utech family after losing Kim Utech to breast cancer. The compilation is still available and donations are still regularly made to the Utech Family.

All these gigs and releases would almost make you forget that Czech-based DIY label Obsedante released the Dietary Restrictions tape, which is a live recording of the gig we did with Nick Millevoi in Berlin during our 2013-tour. Or that PRIME saw a re-release on both CD and tape by Gaffer Records and Smithsfoodgroup DIY, respectively.

Despite all these collaborative efforts, Dead Neanderthals is still a duo in its core and our Worship The Sun album is the testament of that. We were honored to work with Relative Pitch Records on this and we hope you enjoy the album as much as we do.

We want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who came out to see us, every band we shared the stage with, every person who bought a t-shirt, patch, CD, cassette or LP. Every reviewer, interviewer and fan who helped to spread the putrid gospel of Dead Neanderthals. Thanks to all the promoters who booked us to play at their venue, supported us by promoting the gig and let us crash at their place. We couldn’t have done it without you!

Last but certainly not least: a big thank you to Marlon Wolterink and his White Noise Studio. Marlon always makes sure that our records sound excellent (when he records them) or sound less bad (when we record ourselves).

See you in 2016!
Dead Neanderthals

Endless Voids reviews


“adembenemend en houdt de luisteraar ruim tachtig minuten lang aan de stoel gekluisterd”
The #1 album of 2015 according to Opduvel

The #3 album of 2015 according to Incendiary Magazine

“sehr empfohlen”

“Wat rest is deze conclusie: Dead Neanderthals is geniaal”
Roar E-Zine

“Onheilspellend prachtig!”

“Endless Voids is both a wonderful artefact for those who were present at the original show and a fantastic record in its own right”

“This is one of the records of the year”
Incendiary Magazine

“Intrigerend, verrassend en uitpuilend van schoonheid”
Gonzo (circus) #128

“De perfecte drone”

“an excellent vibrant drone piece”
Vital Weekly #995

“een tachtig minuten durende trip waarvoor de grove metaforen bovengehaald moeten worden”

Endless Voids is OUT NOW on Alone Records.
Buy the album on our Bandcamp.

UK tour w/ Orthodox announcement

Hell yes!

In September we’re returning to the UK. This time with our good friends Orthodox from Seville. This is going to be amazing!

September 2 Power Lunches, London, UK
September 3 Hare and Hounds, Birmingham, UK
September 4 Islington Mill, Manchester, UK
September 5 The Exchange, Bristol, UK
September 6 The Cowley Club, Brighton, UK


Endless Voids is delayed a bit


Some tough news on the Endless Voids release: we hit a slight delay!

Reason for this delay is basically what you can call the vinyl apocalypse, which is induced by Dire Straits reissues and Record Store Day. Read more about it here.

We will extend the pre-order (and accompanying lower pricing) until June 6th. New release date is June 6th, so the wait is almost over!

Thanks for your patience,
Dead Neanderthals

Prime on CD

Prime-CD-mockupWow, those Prime LPs were gone in no-time from the Dead Neanderthals HQ. You might be lucky and find one of the very last copies through Colin Webster or Gaffer Records. Thanks for the massive support!

Because the record sold out quicker than anticipated, we’ve decided to do a second run of this beast on CD. The CDs are currently in production and should be ready early May. You can already pre-order your copy from Bandcamp, we will make sure we ship as soon as we receive our copies.

End of tour + merch update

End of the tour
This is how you feel after driving 6000 km in 7 days…

Wow, what a trip!
It’s been great to hit the road with Orthodox in Spain and Portugal last week. We’d like to thank all the promoters, fans, photographers and collaborators for all the support. It has been a fantastic experience for all of us. Hope to see you again soon!!

We sold quite a bit of merch on tour (THANK YOU FOR THAT!!!!) and some of our releases are now (almost) sold out. I’ve made a little overview below in case you’re thinking of adding stuff to your collection.
* Dietary Restrictions tape (live collab w/ Nick Millevoi) – SOLD OUT, still some copies available at the label
* Random Acts Of Nuclear Devastation CDr – SOLD OUT
* Prime LP – 16 Black copies left, white copies all sold out! Gaffer Records also has some copies left, but not much.
* POLARIS CD – Last 3 copies before it’s sold out. Utech Records has only 2 copies left…
* Shirts – we only have one shirt left, size S. Check out the design here and get in touch if you want to have it.

As always, we’re working as hard as we can on new albums, collaborations and EPs. New shirts are also coming soon as well as new gigs and new records on our label Norwegianism Records. We really wish a day had more than 24 hours.

See you in the pit!
Dead Neanderthals