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Flesh Logics reviews

One of the best records of May 2018 according to The Quietus “The Basingstoke destroyers and the Benelux bastards team up once more for another God Unknown white out”

“A great overwhelming track from Sly & the Family Drone + Dead Neanderthals. Together they seem to succeed in something even more intense”
Fuzzy Sun

Buy the split 7″ with Mai Mai Mai is out now through God Unknown Records.


The Dead Neanderthals + Sly & The Family Drone split w/ Mai Mai Mai is OUT NOW

Flesh Logics is the final track we recorded during the Molar Wrench studio session with Sly & The Family Drone and Colin Webster. The track is now released as a part of the singles club by God Unknown Records. The other side of the split contains a brand new track of Italian’s finest: Mai Mai Mai.
Stream the entire single below and buy it directly from God Unknown Records.

Split w/ Sly And The Family Drone reviews


“Highly recommended split”
Merchants Of Air

“Kokke en Webster blazen zich een beroerte, terwijl Aquarius de boel samen houdt”
Gonzo (circus) #135

The split 7″ w/ Sly And The Family Drone is OUT NOW on God Unknown Records.
Buy the album on our Bandcamp.